Essay on Left Brain vs. the Right Brain

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The brain has its own functions and is divided into two hemispheres: the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. Also, has its own way of processing information and each lobe has its specific roles. What happens when damage to the brain occurs? How does it rewire itself to process information or learn new activities?. Damage to each hemisphere of the brain has different effects on the way individuals learn since each hemisphere is in charge of different functions. Furthermore, the brain processes information differently according to a person’s learning style.
First, Let us explore on the functions of each hemisphere of the brain and how it works. The left hemisphere is associated with being logical. The right hemisphere of the
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In the same way that material is being preserved due to continuous access to it, the material that is left untouched after learning it, disappears. “The process is called pruning because the brain pathways and connections that are used regularly are maintained and hard-wired, while others are eliminated” Willis (2008, p 2). This ability of the brain to adapt and reorganize its paths to newly learned skills is known as neuroplasticity. There are four lobes of the brain and have their specific roles. Frontal lobe is associated with reasoning, planning, parts of speech and movement (motor cortex). Parietal lobe is related with perception of stimuli related to touch, pressure, temperature and pain. Temporal lobe is linked to perception and recognition of auditory stimuli and memory. Occipital lobe is related to many aspects of vision, retrieved from Damage in any of these areas produces rewiring of the brain.
Injury to the right hemisphere of the brain leads to cognitive-communication problems, such as impaired memory, attention problems and poor reasoning. In many cases, the person with right brain damage is not aware of the problems that he or she is experiencing, retrieved from On the other hand, damage to the left side of the hemisphere produces
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