Left Side, Strong Side

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Darian Greenbaum K. Baker English 1100 13 November 2012 Left Side, Strong Side Remember the Titans is a film directed by Boaz Yakin bases in 1971 when discrimination, prejudice, and racism was still a way of life. Due to a court order, three high schools in Alexandria, Virginia were forced to integrate their students and faculty for the first time. Consequently, Coach Bill Yoast, a prominent, white member of the community and longtime head coach of the T.C. Williams High School football team, is asked to step down. Herman Boone is appointed to replace him as the school's first black faculty member and head football coach. The new coach faces many challenges; the newly integrated team is full of players (both black and…show more content…
Sunshine, the backup quarterback was called in after their first string quarterback, Reggie was injured intentionally by a white player on the opposing team. Sunshine knew that it was on purpose so he told one of his blockers to go ahead and let him through. After he threw the pass, he table topped the guy coming at him that had just hurt Reggie in the previous play. That was an example of unity at its finest, coming together as a team, as brothers when they were tested. Sunshine made a point to stand up for a friend, someone he had grown to develop a relationship with despite the color difference between the two. Gerry couldn’t be at the championship game due to his car accident that left him paralyzed, so he watched the game from his hospital bed. At this point the game was seven to three, the opposing team up. After a tough hit, one of their players fumbles the football and Rev recovers it. The next play they ran for the touchdown. The titans had won the championship! The camera points toward the stands where it shows Gerry Bertier’s mother, Jean, reaching out to Carol Boone (Coach Boone’s wife) for a hug. Jean is just now coming around to the idea of blacks and whites being friends. All because of her son and Julius who showed her that it was okay, and the right thing to do. After their hug it shows the other team’s coach who is white, run up to Coach Boone and congratulate him on the big win. It was at that
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