Left Ventricular Assist Devices Essay

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Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs) have increased durability and patient survival on the people who live with heart failure. These devices are mechanical pumps which can work as a bridge to transplantation or as destination therapy to help the heart to follow its tasks properly. Asgari and Bonde [1] presented a new totally implantable physiologic left ventricular assist device system in pulsatile and continuous modes using wireless networks. The authors [1] have proposed a great contribution to use wireless powering, monitor, communication and control in the field of implantable control of ventricular assist devices. However, many issues will appear in the result of the proposed system which needs more investigations in …show more content…

To investigate the feasibility and implantability of the proposed methodology, the authors tested physiologic controller in two large female pigs in-vivo experiments. The results showed that the suggested controller (UMC-Physio), consumes less power compared with the HeartMate II (axial pump) controller and HeartWare (centrifugal pump) ventricular assist device controller.
The system presented wireless network for monitor, communication, control and powering of the left ventricular assist device systems which is a novel and significant research for LVADs implantation [1]. However, if there are not internet access and wireless network (via smartphone) at the same time due to malfunction in antenna or network, limitation in range and other issues, the proposed system will fail to monitor and control the LVAD in patients, and therefore it will result in dangerous conditions or death.
Wireless connections have harmful effects on the health of people and especially on blood, the heart, and the autonomic nervous system when the radiation is continuous and long-term [2]. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce electrosmog exposure and prevent wireless networks for communication, monitor, control and powering of the LVADs.
Although the main aim of the research published by Asgari and Bonde was to propose a wireless method for LVAD systems, it is not acceptable that the author did not compare proposed controller with the other famous methods such as preload based

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