Left Ventricular Mass Essay

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Left ventricular mass
In humans there is a relation between left ventricular mass and cardiovascular mortality and morbidity independent of the blood pressure.5,6,7 In normal blood pressure subjects left ventricu-lar mass and diastolic filling have been found to be positively correlated with urinary sodium excretion8,9 and in two other normal BP groups followed up for 3 to 8 years the initial left ventricular mass and wall thickness were significantly related to the subsequent development of hypertension.5 Normotensive rats given 1% saline for several weeks develop an increase in heart weight due to an increase in left ventricular mass without an increase in blood pressure.10,11 In both normotensive humans and the rat therefore, left ventricular
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The relation of left ventricular mass to salt intake in essential hypertension is well demonstrated in that in such patients 24-h sodium excretion is an independent determinant for relative wall thickness, and is a more powerful determinant than the blood pressure.9,12,13,14 These findings have been confirmed using ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.8 In patients with hypertension associated with type I diabetes multiple regression analysis has identified dietary sodium intake as an independent predictor of left ventricular mass, there was no significant association between left ventricular mass and the blood pressure.15 A high intake of salt increases cardiac mass in both the spontaneous hypertensive rat (SHR) and its control, the Wistar-Kyoto (WKY) rat, though the blood pressure in the WKY rat does not rise.16 In rats with experimental reno-vascular hypertension those on a high intake of sodium have an increase in left ventricular mass which is more consistent than the associated change in blood pressure.17 Though the rise in arterial pressure induced by a high salt diet in the Dahl salt-sensitive rat is prevented by the chronic intracerebroventricular administration of Fab fragments to block brain ouabain this does not prevent the increase in the weight of the left
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