Left versus Right Brain and Learning

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Left versus Right Brain and Learning Each person has a governing hemisphere and once learning becomes a technical process, the idyllic portion of the brain takes charge of solving the issue at hand. There are two sides of the brain, which directly influence learning and produce different ways of receiving, storing and responding to information which ultimately affects our whole learning process. The cerebral cortex is broken down into two hemispheres, left and right, with it being home to the functions that make us human (Lucas, 2008). Human beings are expected to process information based on their dominant hemisphere, even though the learning process improves as a result of the two hemispheres functioning together. This means that we…show more content…
Most significantly, the left-brain is often described as being better at: language, logic, critical thinking, numbers, and reasoning (Cherry, 2014). The positive effects of the left sided brain learners are that they can easily and quickly evoke names rather than appearances and express with very few gestures thus evolving much more robust communication patterns. Left sided learners are also highly systematized and and have great time management skills and enjoy creating lists to plot out plans day to day. Left brainers are more likely to thrive in certain careers such as; computer programmers, accounting firms, engineering plants and many more technical career fields. Furthermore, the right brain impacts learning by concurrent hemispheric style, which is deliberated as being global. The main focus of the right brain is visual, which means they process information in an expressive way and like to show creativity in their work (Cherry, 2014). Right brain learners prefer to learn by visually seeing the whole picture first, and then eyeing at the specifics after that. They will also develop information in a sequential format, starting with details leading up to a intangible understanding of the skill at hand. This generally means it impacts learning by beginning with the overall theory and then going on to details. Students with a right brain dominance should integrate a number of hands on activities, which will help with learning the assignment (Education Alliance,
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