Left vs Right

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Left Brain Compared to Right Brain Joel M. Flores COLL 100-190 American Military University Shannon Voyles Left Compared Right Sided Brain Learners Left and right sided brain learners learn through different pathways of input to comprehend. When considering emotions both sides of the brain are responsible for emotions; the right side is known for negative emotions and the left side is known for happy emotions. The left side of the brain is responsible for language and math learning. As a left sided brain learner a person is a logical detail learner that focuses on facts and rules of language. The left sided brain learner is also focused on math and science in relation to pattern perception. These individuals are…show more content…
Right sided learners are really not concerned with the time frame as long as the presentation (art work) is pleasing to the eye. Unable to prioritize well, the right sided brain most often do not look at the time management and prioritization of task which can lead to uncompleted projects and deep frustration. The Right brain sided people do not prioritize well but instead like to fly by the seat of their pants. They like the freedom and creative part of the project, but often are not concern for prioritizing task. According to Drew, J social workers tend to be right-brain dominant, drawing on their ability to relate to emotions to achieve insights about situations (Drew, 1996). Left and right brains working together can be difficult at times when it comes to a group project or working together as a team at work. One must know where they are a right or left sided learner to be the most efficient when working on a project to make sure all goal are reached. Ask yourself: Are you completely Right or Left side brain learner? This question for some may be hard to figure out, but if one who thinks about how they take in information and prioritize task one can figure which they are. I would say that I am only concerned more about the facts, so I would consider myself a Left Brain sided learner. The art work really does not interest me, but for others it may concern them more than myself so I need to be aware of how others process information. I tend to look at
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