Legacies Of Our Lives By Wes Moore Essay

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Legacies of Our Lives Would you be able to hurdle multiple obstacles to achieve your American dream? In The Other Wes Moore One Name, Two Fates the author Wes Moore tells the story about another Wes Moore and about himself. Both go through their own struggle in life. The other Wes Moore lives in Baltimore and gets arrested four times throughout the story. He gets arrested for stabbing someone, selling drugs, shooting his gun at someone, and robbing a jewelry store. Throughout the whole story the other Wes was poor so he resorted to selling drugs to buy designer clothes. He has four kids and two baby mommas. After he got arrested the third time he entered a labor readiness program which allowed him to obtain his GED and finished at the top of his class. However, the money he was making doing a legitimate job wasn’t making enough for him and ended up robbing a jewelry store with his brother. They ended up getting caught and he got sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Wes Moore the author chooses a different path though. He started out by moving to the Bronx in a drug filled neighborhood. His mom wanted him to succeed so bad that she sent him to a private school. He wasn’t doing too well there so she ended up sending him to a military school. Wes wasn’t doing too good there either until one night he called his mom and they talked about the sacrifices her and her parents made to keep him at that school. Wes changed for good from that point

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