Legacies of Colonialism in the World Today

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Legacies of colonialism in the today’s world
Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Three areas in which the legacies of colonizer affect 3 2.1 Discussion about Sociol & economic changes 4 2.2 Discussion about Civilisation development 4 2.3 Discussion about Urban Enlargement 4 3.0 Some specific examples showing the reflexion of colonizer’s legacies in today’s world 5 3.1 Examples for Sociol & economic changes 6 3.1.1 land-use/cover, vegetation/other natural habitats,new forms of work 7 3.2 Examples for Civilisation development 9 3.2.1 French West Africa 9 3.2.2 Legacy in Government in Senegal 9 3.2.3 Formal Education in Senegal 9 3.3 Examples for Urban Enlargement 10 3.3.1 Industrial & financial
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Metropolitan areas exhibit an amazing diversity of features, economic structures, amounts of infrastructure, historic roots, patterns of development, and degrees of conventional planning. Yet, lots of the problems that they deal with are strikingly acquainted. For example, as metropolitan areas grow, they grow to be increasingly diverse.
Major territories have its fairly more affluent and relatively poorer communities. In developed city, poorer neighborhoods might have dramatically lower levels of basic services.
Consequently, numerous colonial residents in the city experience to a greater or even lesser extent coming from severe environmental well being challenges of lack of clean water, inadequate sewerage facilities, & insufficient solid waste materials disposal.
The condition of water and cleanliness in the world's cities found that water syndication systems are inadequate, typically offering the city's upper- and middle-class neighborhoods but not to the swiftly expanded settlements on the colonial fringe. In addition, the current info on the provision of water and sanitation in colonial areas is very vulnerable and the true scenario is actually far even worse than most international standard suggest.
In progressing colonial world, up to 50 % the world's total population and over three quarters of the population in high-income countries now are living in colonial areas. While
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