Legacy/Children of Alumni Assignment Essay

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Legacy/Children of Alumni Assignment 6th edition Instructions: Read Chapter 9a. Answer questions 1-8 below in number format (not essay) on “ONE MORE TIME” Legacies/Children of Alumni on p. 403. To make sure you have the correct essay, it begins with “I know a lot of people who whine and complain about the children of alumni…..” Note: Do NOT answer the questions on any other story or a zero will be given. 1. What’s the issue at hand (question at issue)? • The issue at hand is that people are complaining about children of the alumni’s having easier times getting into Cromwell. • Why not add alumni children to the list of favorable treatment in admission process? 2. Is it significant?…show more content…
Not every school. Also, a lot of those comments or statement were just opinions. Not valid facts. c.What kind of evidence is being provided in support of the claims? • A statistical fact was provided to prove legacies donated more. Saying 78 percent legacies donated, and only 36 of non-legacies donated in 2 years of $100 or more d. Is the use of statistics or other numerical evidence credible? • Technically, no! Magazines are not always correct! Also, stating that 1 out of 10 average applicants is being admitted and 4 out of 10 alumnis were admitted is an educated guess, but not statically correct. 4. How credible is the speaker as well as the sources cited? • The speaker seems credible, based on her position as a daughter of an alumnus. But most things that were stated were mere opinions. And to me he friend who works in the admissions office has no credibility. She does not see everybody that comes to the admissions office. When is the last time you saw an admissions office with only one chair for one person. With that said, she is basing her statistic on the people that she handles, and not the school as an entire. 5. What assumptions are underlying any claims being made? (at least 3 + assumptions) • Legacy applicants (alumni) are more likely to do well when they get to Cromwell, because they understand what college is all about • Alumni’s will not transfer to another
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