Legacy Leaders “Leader Of Influence” – Msg Smith. The Purpose

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Legacy Leaders “Leader of Influence” – MSG Smith The purpose of this paper is to discuss a Legacy Leader from whom I received either negative or positive influence from. For this paper, I have chosen a leader who left a significant negative impact on me, thus providing for me examples of what not to be as a leader. It was at Fort Bragg, North Carolina that I came face to face with one of the worst examples of leadership and negative role models I have encountered in my 14+ year Army career. The impact and impressions that MSG Smith left on me have been burned in my memory ever since. I was shown an example of how not to conduct myself when in positions of authority over others. As in all experiences, I truly believe that there is…show more content…
Countless times I observed her using derogatory comments about seniors, peers and subordinates. She projected an image of her being the only person who could understand the situation or properly execute assigned tasks. These actions were directly contrary to the Army Value of Respect. She showed zero respect for others and their contributions to the unit overall. I have observed her use such insulting language to female Soldiers that it brought them to tears. Never once under MSG Smith’s leadership did I feel respected or appreciated. I would go home each day and vent to my wife about how miserable my working environment was. On one particular occasion, I came around the corner of the Battalion Operations office, and walked-in on her talking negatively about me. This was one of my most hurtful moments in the unit, to observe her denigrating me to my superiors. Integrity is a value that I place high importance in. Integrity is the ability to do what’s right when no one is watching. This is another Army Value that MSG Smith failed to exhibit or possess. During this period of time I was working in the Battalion S3 Operations section. On numerous occasions, I observed CPT Jones tell her what he needed done or give her specific orders. Not minutes after he would leave the room, she would proceed to not specifically follow his orders and talk about him to the other Sergeants First Class in the
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