Legacy to Cloud Computing Migration Project

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Legacy to Cloud Computing Migration Project Section 1: . Executive Summary Your government run company would like to implement a conversion of your legacy system over to a cloud computing system. This would include a system that has all precious data such as automatic payroll and expense report process capabilities that can simultaneously enhance the work life of its employees through a more transparent hiring process, advanced recruiting methods, a centralized database with self-serve accommodations, improved performance review analytics and much more. The resources within the organization are limited in number, knowledge, and availability. This project will require outsourcing of skilled resources and expertise to move forward with the initiative. The organization is characterized by working in silos and having redundant functional resources available within many of its divisions Legacy systems tend to provide a significant value for companies. This is due to the fact that they still meet user needs and are capable of capturing vital business logic. The cost of replacing these legacy systems with a system designed completely from scratch is much too high, but reusing a legacy system can be equally difficult due to the fact that legacy system reuse comes with its own set of obstacles like platform, documentation, and architecture issues. Cloud Computing has come along and it provides the promise of significantly lower costs with enhanced performance capabilities
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