Legal Abortion Is A Necessity

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Emma Fishel

Mrs. Gallos

English 3 honors

29 March, 2017

Legal Abortion is a Necessity

Even though many people have negative opinions on abortions, legal abortion is a necessity. Women should have access to this because those who do not can experience more stress than if she was able to have one. Women need to have legal abortions mainly for the concerns for the mother’s and/or baby 's health as well as unwanted pregnancies. In 1972, the Roe v. Wade supreme court case legalized abortion nationwide but since then numerous states have passed laws to restrict the availability of abortions. In some states, they now require counseling and a waiting period before women can receive an abortion. Legal abortion is a safe procedure, and has a
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Many women who want an abortion are from low income and/or broken families. It is needed because they are worried around money and rely on insurance to help pay for the procedure. Without the insurance to help cover the procedure - which can be up to 1,500 dollars - it makes it hard for these women to get them. These laws are established to make abortions safer for women but many of them are making it harder to obtain an abortion and making women wait longer for their procedures.

A few states require women to have counseling about the negative mental and emotional effects abortions can have on women, even though “research consistently shows that abortion is a safe medical procedure and that the overwhelming majority of women who get abortions feel it was the right decision for them and do not experience negative psychological reactions after the fact” (Abortion). Studies have shown women who do not have access to an abortion because of laws and restrictions that may exist in their state, can experience more stress than if they could have one. The extra stress could be from trying to receive the procedure, the pressure of society’s judgement, or because of the reason(s) they want to receive the abortion. Most women choose to have an abortion because they do not have the money for a baby, because they do not want to be a single parent or believe it would interfere with work, school or their future. Women with these reasons who are denied an

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