Legal Affairs And Ethics Of Medical Practice Essay

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This article will attempt to demonstrate and assess legal affairs and ethics in medical practice. What are the main concerns and responsibilities, what is considered as being legitimate and juridical and what is unlawful and unacceptable. This essay will also provide you with a knowledge about ethical principles, rules and theories used in Health Care methodology as well as legal patients’ rights.
We face and run into moral dilemmas and problems every day during our life. A large amount of books has been written to explain and help understand different ethical theories and consequently assist to solve these dilemmas. In medical practice they also arise very often. How should we apply the principles of ethics with such diverse problems that appear in day-to-day in a life of a doctor, nurse, healthcare practitioner etc.?
There are 4 main principles in ethics which should be followed when making an important decision about what is right and what is wrong, what is considered as morally correct and what is effectively mistaken: 1. The Principle of Autonomy; 2. The Principle of Beneficence; 3. The Principle of Non-maleficence; 4. The Principle of Justice. The first one states that an individual has a right to make informed decisions by himself about his own medical care, to be self-governing and responsible for his own acts. Autonomous individuals perform unintentionally, with capability as well as with understanding. However, the principle of
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