Legal Analysis Assignment : R V Levy

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LLB101 Introduction to Law Legal Analysis Assignment R v Levy & Drobny; Ex parte Attorney-General (Qld) [2014] QCA 205 Question 1 On 6 July 2013, the 64-year-old complainant was on duty working as a taxi driver. Around the time of 5am, an intoxicated Steve Drobny and Nathan Levy entered the complainant’s taxi. It was intended that others who were supposed to take the same taxi pay for the fare but as it occurred, they did not enter, leaving only Drobny and Levy where neither of the two were able to pay for the taxi service. After having driven only a kilometre with the meter indicating a debt of $7.90, the complainant became aware that the two passengers, Drobny and Levy, had no way of paying for the taxi fare. When the complainant indicated he would take them to a police station, both Drobny and Levy began swearing and cursing. Once they arrived at the station, the complainant made a statement saying this was the proper place for Drobny and Levy, to which Drobny then initiated a tackle on the complainant and grabbed his legs causing him to topple over onto the ground resulting in pain and bruising to the complainant’s thighs. Drobny stepped back and had no further actions in any assault upon the plaintiff from that point onwards, but whilst the complainant was still on the ground, Levy proceeded to punch and kick him several times all over his body. The attack eventually stopped and both Drobny and Levy ran away. Afterwards, the complainant noticed an indentation to
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