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While the achievements Rob Smith in the Research and Development department are quite extraordinary to say the least, there has been information put forward by Michael Jones (Senior VP of R&D) that brings both, legal and ethical concerns to light. These rumors being that Rob had acquired some outside knowledge, which in turn led to a breakthrough within the Research and Development department. I have been asked to review all relevant information, and make a determination of if MegaLab acted unethically in violation of law, and submit a draft for consideration to Human Resources an Ethics policy that can be applied to the Research and Development department.
For those of you that are unaware of the rumors, the story going around the
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Likewise a course of action will be submitted to ensure that all actions taken in light of this incident will be within the scope of law. With respect to the aforementioned employee within the Research and Development department, I do believe that it is in the best interest of MegaLab to bring in Rob, and have a conversation with him about the rumors regarding the information leading to the breakthrough with his work. Based on the information gained during that conversation, if it is indeed true that that the information gained was with questionable ethics his employment with MegaLab should be terminated. This would also go toward putting distance between Rob and MegaLab. Likewise if the information is true, I do believe it advisable that MegaLab withdraw our claim on the patent of HIV1. While pulling MegaLabs claim from the patent would cost us untold amounts of profits in the future, it is my thinking that the amount legal fees fighting John Blank over control of this patent could possibility put MegaLabs into a position where our same will brought up with unethical practices, which could cost us more in both profits and reputation. Furthermore when this conversation takes place I would like to request that a member of our Legal team, and a member of the Human Resources department be present. I would like this to ensure that if any issues that arise, they can

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