Legal And Ethical Roles Of The Nurse

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This essay will be discussing the professional, legal and ethical roles of the nurse that is relevant to this statement: “You must ensure that you gain consent before you begin any treatment or care” and “uphold people’s rights to be fully involved in decisions about their care.”
“Consent to any medical or surgical intervention is a legal arrangement on the notion of a contract between two equal parties.” (Edwards, 2008) The legal validity of consent relies on three components: informed, voluntary and capacity. (NHS, 2014)

A nurse’s professional accountability must be exercised by informing the patient of the risks, benefits and alternatives regarding their treatment. The nurse should deliver this information so that is understandable and individually tailored before obtaining consent. (NHS, 2014) The patient can then decide to accept or decline treatment. Subsequently if the patient agrees to their treatment this is informed consent (Advanced Nursing Practice Toolkit, 2014)

If consent has not been given without being informed this is unethical and illegal. (Edwards, 2008) The nurse has an ethical obligation to their patient to promote their veracity and autonomous rights. (Caulfield, 2011) If treatment has been given without informed consent the nurse will have unethically deceived the patient and will be liable for those actions. (Edwards, 2008)

The patient could sue the nurse for compensation on the grounds that the nurse was negligent in informing the patient of all…
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