Legal And Historical Background Of The Video Foundations Of Inclusion Birth To Five

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Legal & Historical Background of IDEA

According to the video Foundations of Inclusion Birth to Five, we have two people to thank for a lot of our advancements in allowing diversity in the classroom Dr. Ann Turnbull and her husband! They spent many hours in the courtroom fighting endless battles in order to get their son the proper and fair education he deserved. Before the seventies when Ann and her husband had fought against the system it was very common for schools to turn away students with disabilities or not help with their disabilities. According to the U.S. department of education before 1975, only one in five special education students were served in public schools. Some states even went as far as to make it illegal to teach
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Consequently, some students may have bad environments in which they are raised and would cause bullying but that is not as likely now and days compared to before we had IDEA. The world and our schools are so diverse now that children have adapted to accepting each other and that’s the way it should be. It is also healthier for all students to grow up in a social and diverse environment, children who have been in solitude may have a harder time later on in life and more than likely will not be able to adequately communicate with other people. Children are more accepting than most people in this world they do not see differences in color or disabilities.

Three Elements of Best Practice

According to the foundations of Inclusion video the three key elements to the best inclusive practice are: access, participation and support. Access is allowing the student to get the education they deserve and making it easier on them. Students with disabilities should be allowed to have recess and go on fieldtrips with other students and teachers should help them accomplish that. Teachers are also encouraged to modify lesson plans so everyone in the classroom understands. Participation helps to make sure the student engages and fully understands what is being taught. Teachers can help with participation by interacting with the student and helping them to understand in different ways other than just speaking with them. Lastly, is support
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