Legal And Social Justice For Hispanics And Women

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Legal and Social Justice for Latinos and Women America is most known for its diversity, with immigrants from almost everywhere on Earth. The American Dream has lured many minorities to the land of the free and home of the brave, in search of opportunity. Though the U.S. is known for its “American Dream,” America does not have equal opportunity for all of its people. Women and Latinos, specifically, have been denied social and legal equality, with both movements starting in the 1960`s. Latinos had the Chicano movement while women had the second wave of a feminist movement, with similarities and differences in their goals, means, and results. Although Latinos focused on reforming education and work conditions and women wanted to reform their image in society, both educated the public through organizations and used protests to gain limited success of better job opportunity though are still viewed as inferior to white men. The Chicano movement and the Feminist movement wanted to attack society 's unequal and biased perception of women and Latinos in the 1960`s. Women were suppose to marry young then stay home and take care of the children while Latinos were perceived as inferior for being minorities. In schools there was no bilingual education and Latinos couldn 't speak Spanish. Most schools hardly taught about the history of Latinos which was also problematic because Americans did not view Latinos as Americans. They viewed them as foreigners that came to America, a country
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