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* Article or Case Law Search Resource: Article or Case Law Search Grading Criteria Find an article or a current legal case involving one of the following: * A critical regulatory issue in health care * A critical regulatory issue specific to institutional health care ------------------------------------------------- Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis of the article or legal case and prepare to present how the issue in the article or legal case relates to the nature, sources, and functions of the law. References Health Care Issues Brief- Acute Care (1997-2012). Retrieved from Changes Impacting Speech-Language Pathology Practice In An Acute Care Medical Setting…show more content…
1. Aging Population * People are living longer. * End of life is being prolonged through medical advances and technology. * Different issues are being considered: quality versus quantity of life and risks versus benefits; e.g., eating for pleasure despite risks. 2. Acuity * Patients with acute illnesses are surviving longer due to expanded medical knowledge, available procedures and medical technology. Therefore speech-language pathologists are seeing patients with higher acuity levels. * Speech-language pathologists are being asked to address increasingly complex questions (e.g., managing a patient with dysphagia following a gastric pull-up procedure). 3. Advances in Medicine and Technology * Medical advances are leading to decreased sequelae after initial trauma/insult; e.g., sequelae of neurologic deficits following stroke are declining. * Surgical, pharmacological, and prosthetic interventions are reducing and replacing the need for behavioral therapy; (e.g., laryngeal surgery, tracheoesophageal prosthesis, Mestinon, thymectomy.) 4. Culturally Diverse Population * A more culturally diverse patient population is requiring providers to establish cultural competency by having improved knowledge of different cultural perspectives
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