Legal Aspects of Cloud Computing

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What might seem to be a simple fix when it comes to dealing with the legal aspects of cloud computing could in fact cause severe thunderstorms in the long run if not handled with legal ramifications in mind. In any business format there are always questions and answers to be brought forward before operations can begin. In the world of IT those questions left to wonder and those answers left to be understood can generate the liability for lawsuits. The responsibility of ownership of data and who is going to foot which bills are at the top of the list (Gray, 2013).
Marcus Lee is one of the attorneys at Moore & Van Allen, whose expertise is in IT law. One of the major concerns when dealing contract language with the cloud is data security and ownership, says Lee.. Lee further explains that a company wants to have the right to conduct audits of security procedures and data centers. As far as writing a solid strong contract where all parties can live with, Lee makes another suggestion concerning contract language. The attorney states that the contract should ensure the guidelines of data encryption, including “a requirement to be notified immediately of any security breach and a requirement to allow an outside auditor to assess controls and procedures for storing, handling and transmitting data.” These points should definitely be a part of a good contract (Gray, 2013).
When approaching a cloud agreement, the customer’s mindset should be to protect oneself, but it is more easily

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