Legal Aspects of Diversity Article Review Essay

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Bass Pro Shops were created out of frustration of a fisherman that could not find any tackle in his town. So in 1971, Johnny Morris rented a U-Haul and headed across America filling the truck with the newest tackle as he went. Once Johnny had finished, he returned home to Springfield, Missouri, and started his own fishing business with eight feet of space in his father’s liquor store (Bass pro shops, 2012). This became a starting point for many fishermen in the Ozark’s famous bass lakes. In 1974, after much demand, Johnny created a catalog that started his business booming. Today, there are 65 Bass Pro Shops in the world as well as catalog and Internet shopping available. This was a new and exciting business for the sportsmen from all…show more content…
While moving around throughout my adult years, I have noticed that many of the cultural issues that I see here in the south are not an issue in northern states and other countries. I have also seen a difference between small communities and large communities. Seems most people in the larger communities are much more open minded and willing to go out of their ways to embrace cultural diversity whether in their workplace or in their neighborhood. Diversity is about learning from other cultures and respecting the differences that come our way. I work in a small public school system; our county does not have a Wal-Mart. As far as cultural diversity, all the teachers, except for one are white and the support staff, to include janitorial, and kitchen help are all black. There is nothing in between. Coming from a very culturally diverse area of Florida, I am very uncomfortable with this. I have had a conversation with some of the support staff, kitchen ladies, regarding the most segregated hour every week and we all agree that it is a shame. However, I have also heard some of the teachers in the lounge make statements like” It’s getting dark in here”, just like the managers at the Bass Pro Shop. Being an outsider to this town most folks are guarded around me and attempt to watch what is said, however; I still hear a long pause when I walk into a room and I am white, just not local. We raised our children
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