Legal Aspects of Pharmacy Fraud Essay examples

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Module 1 SLP
BHM443: Legal Aspects of Health Care

1. Using the Internet and other sources research the following case:
Robert Ray Courtney, a former pharmacist, who owned and operated the Research Medical Tower Pharmacy in Kansas City, Missouri.
2. Provide a detailed account of the key facts surrounding the case. Make sure to include the following: a. Case background b. Biographical description of the defendant and his company
3. Using information from the Internet and other credible sources identify and discuss the criminal and contractual aspects of the case.
He was once a member of one of the most respected and trusted professions in the United States. Robert Courtney was born in Hays, Kansas
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In his criminal trial Courtney was sentenced to thirty years in prison and was ordered to pay $10.4 million in restitution and a $25,000 fine. (Freed, 2002)
Robert Courtney was raised in church by a father that worked as a minister. He was well liked and respected while growing up and his father described him as an “ideal son.” (Montgomery & Stearns, 2001) After graduation from pharmacy school, Mr. Courtney went to work for James Frederich, who owned and operated Research Medical Tower Pharmacy until he sold it to Mr. Courtney in 1986. (Draper, 2003)
Over the years Robert Courtney began spending money and living an extravagant lifestyle. He insisted on having the best cars, a large house and divorced his first wife. He immediately began to court a young girl he knew when he was younger and after a short time convinced her to marry him. His second wife immediately wanted out of the marriage because of his controlling nature and demands that he placed on her as his wife. Courtney’s second marriage ended in an annulment, but two years later he married again. He had five children over the course of the three marriages. (Draper, 2003)
One of Robert Courtney’s most obvious

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