Legal Case Study Essay

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Legal Case Study Susan L Groover Walden University Legal Case Study Examine the implications of health law for nurses, ethical principles, and decision making when faced with the potential for medical error is part of the nurse’s daily activity when caring for patients. Each state has a Board of Nursing governing the practice of nurses. The board of nursing specifies through codes, titles, articles, and definitions how the licensed registered nurses can legally practice. The case study “Where Did This Patient’s Intravenous (IV) Therapy Go Awry?” is the study being addressed in the paper. Error The nurse in this case chose to perform a nursing procedure without a physician’s order. The nurse felt she had no…show more content…
Then forgetting to pass along the information to the physician and the staff. Standard 4.2 requires nurses to take responsibility for their actions. The case study does not state how the nurse reacted to her actions. Nurses are to take responsibility for their action every shift. The taking of responsibility for starting an IV in the foot without an order and then forgot to pass along the incident in report is a not taking responsibility for her actions. The other nurses caring for Mrs, Smoltz did not do a complete assessment and was not responsible in their nursing practice as well. If the nurses caring for Mrs. Smotlz had done a complete assessment, they would have seen the injection site, redness, and swelling in the patient’s right leg only. Ethical standard 4.3 states “individual nurses are responsible for assessing their own competence”. If a nurse is over worked, short staffed, and uneducated to the nursing guidelines and policies of the hospital, the nurse is not stopping to assessing their abilities and they are liable for their performance. The nurse’s failure to adhere to the ethical standards placed the patient in danger. Had the nurse not performed the IV insertion into the patient’s right foot, the patient’s probability of surviving pulmonary embolisms related to the deep vein thrombosis in the right popliteal and femoral veins would be high. The nurse practice act is to protect and assist nurses in their daily practice. This
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