Legal Compliance Plan for Riordan Enterprise Management

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Today all companies are subject to market risks, and also to legal risks. This plan is set out to cover the legal liabilities and risks and the management of legal issues with regard to the enterprise management of Riordan. Primarily the company deals with plastics for example which is having heavy environmental impact and therefore involves compliance regarding its production and use and these change with the countries. In general this plan shall discuss the managing of legal liabilities of the company, its officers and directors and their responsibilities.
Second issue that will be addressed relate to laws that have to be complied with and those that deal with property, the law of companies and its governance, and as pointed out the international ramifications on account of the products and nature of business and international laws that can affect the company. Thus violation of laws cannot be allowed and the consequences have to be attended to in case it happens. Thus the plan also deals with such contingencies and who must be allowed the representation and who must be made answerable. In other words who are responsible? This leads to the question of the requirements of the risk management processes.
Components of Enterprise Risk Management
The components of risk…
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