Legal Consciousness And The United States

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In this essay, we will discuss the term of legal consciousness, and the importance of why the concept was developed and most importantly the weaknesses and strengths of legal consciousness in the United States. We will then look together to first define what is legal consciousness? Legal consciousness is what people think and say about the law. It is often referred to as social consciousness. More simply put, legal consciousness is the attitude people with regards to the law and this may vary amongst people from different class, gender, educational backgrounds, race, ethnicity and political views. It is the legal awareness of the public about the law and how the law works and what is legal vs. illegal. An individual’s legal consciousness gives meaning to one’s perspective of how they think about the law. Legal consciousness changed with time and space according to legal scholars. Legal consciousness helps us differentiate the gap between the law on he book and the law in action (Susan S. Silbey, page 1). Ewick & Silbey describe consciousness as engaging in the social movement and predominance. (Susan S. Silbey, page 333). “Ewick and Silbey describe as before, with, and against the law, are described asa the cultural tool- kit from which popular understandings of legality are constructed” (Susan S. Silbey, page 349). Ewick and Silbey say that belonging into one of the three categories but rather shifting between the three categories over time, space and under certain
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