Legal Decision Making And Parenting Time Mediation : Creating A Parenting Plan

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There are countless examples in the media (fictional and in the tabloids) that present divorce as an ugly battle where nothing is under the belt and EVERYTHING is up for grabs. It leaves a lot of unhappy married couples terrified to take the next step by filing for divorce. In reality, divorce cases can be very difficult, but they don’t have to be. In fact, many who are considering divorce are turning to mediation in order to minimize the conflict associated with the process.

Mediation can be particularly useful in cases where a couple is having difficulty agreeing upon a parenting plan that works for everyone. If you are a divorcing parent and you want to work out a co-parenting plan, but haven’t been able to come to an agreement with your soon to be ex, consider arranging for mediation.

Preparing for Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time Mediation: Creating a Parenting Plan

1. Put together a history of the relationship between you and your ex. Start when you met, include major milestones or “changes” in the relationship, i.e. when you moved in together, when you got married, when you separated, times during which you attended marriage counseling, etc. These are all questions that the mediator will ask in order to get an idea of who you are. It is also a good way for the mediator to find out if both of you remember the same things and have the same understanding of the relationship. It’s good to review the details beforehand.
2. Next start a history of parenting.
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