Legal Documents And Law Codes

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Question 1:
Since the arrival of the first ancient civilizations, there has been a necessary desire for order. For culture to grow, for life to persist, for such a dynamic element as humanity to live in harmony with itself, order is required. This in mind, it’s no wonder that so many ancient texts describing legal documents and law codes have been unearthed throughout the ages. Shaped by history, the ongoing battle for ordered living resulted in the creation of law, a method of keeping peace. Indeed, order is the precise reason for the development of law. As societies developed, as agriculture expanded, populations would increase. To combat this, government was the natural course. Reading from Traditions and Encounters, the text states this idea in several circumstances: “With their expanding populations, the cities also needed to prevent conflicts between urban residents from escalating into serious civic disorder. Moreover, because agriculture was crucial to the welfare of urban residents, the cities all became city-states…and oversaw affairs in surrounding agricultural regions (p.27),” “The need to recruit, train, equip, maintain, and deploy military forces created another demand for recognized authority (p.28).” From all of this, a clear view is given of the overall need for a governing body. Society, as it gets to be ever-more developed, meets an increased need for ordered agriculture to feed these increasing populations, ordered military to fight opposing nations and…
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