Legal Drinking Age : Should It Be Altered?

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Legal Drinking Age: Should It Be Altered? The legal drinking age has been an ongoing controversy for decades, consisting of people who are for lowering, raising, or keeping the age with multiple reasons behind each side. It is commonly known that consuming alcohol can have life-threatening effects on the human body, but these effects can be much harsher at a younger age. Reducing the age for eighteen year olds may result in senseless acts from the drug. Statistics prove that maintaining the legal drinking age at twenty-one will be a much safer environment for all. Though there may perhaps be equitable outcomes with lowering the age to eighteen, the people would benefit greatest if the age remained twenty-one. After acknowledging differing statistics and beliefs of whether the drinking age should be altered or remain twenty-one years of age, evidence verifies that the legal drinking age would be foremost at the remaining age. Several years have been spent contemplating on what to make the legal, minimum drinking age for the consumption of alcohol. There are countless reasons to why each person has a certain stand on this topic. Many have considered the thought of whether the age should be lowered to eighteen, remain twenty-one, or even raise the age above twenty-one. Lowering the age to eighteen years of age appeals to people because of the fact that many rights are given to individuals that they did not have prior to eighteen. At eighteen years old,

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