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Legal Memo: Scenario #6
CRJ 550 Legal Issues in Criminal Justice Administration
Catherine Scott
Saint Leo University

The following memo describes the events that have taken place in Saint Leo Police Department as it relates to the Sheriff’s findings in Officer Narcissus office computer. It will contain a summary of the Sheriff’s and Officer Narcissus’ actions, as well as their reactions to the other’s stance. As the special assistant to the Sheriff, the author of this compilation will provide as much detail about the legal ramifications the Sheriff may face as it relates to this situation and conclude by providing some recommendations to resolve the situation at hand. The author will back up the recommendations with laws
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The Sheriff, also, deduced that the department computer had been utilized to procure items for sexual and hunting activities. Accessing Officer Narcissus’ Facebook page, herself, the Sheriff stumbled upon all of the postings Officer Narcissus had posted. Before powering down the computer, the Sheriff opened another site in the computer’s history and gained knowledge of the site’s contents; which happened to be a child pornography containing images of adolescents being sexually abused.
Informing Officer Narcissus of her discoveries, The Sheriff was met with some aloofness. Officer Narcissus stated to the Sheriff that she had no business operating his computer to examine anything. After being confronted, Officer Narcissus raged into the department and began disassembling the computer. The Sheriff and other officers interrupted Officer Narcissus, cuffed him and confined him to a cell.
Issues Presented There are several issues that need to be addressed as it relates to the situation. These issues include those from a policy standpoint, as well as those from a legal standpoint. The following are the issues this author saw fitting to tackle: 1. The matter of Officer Narcissus utilizing the department for personal leisure. 2. The fact that Officer Narcissus has made comments and posted photos
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