Legal & Ethical Environment of Business

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Legal & Ethical Environment of Business
DATE: 2/4/2013 Week 1 Assignment

Follow the link below, read the article and analyze the practice of “dumping” dangerous drugs overseas. Can an American company be penalized for marketing a product deemed unsafe by the U.S., if it is not also banned by the foreign government? This passage is mainly talk about hot Winthrop and Crter-wallace companies "dumping" dangerous drugs overseas. From the legal point of view. First, in the United States side, FDA officials maintain strict controls over
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The worse is Johnson & Johnson, knowing that there is a problem with their own drug , knowing that has led to the death of the babies, wasn't until June 1990, a week after Britain's Yorkshire Television broadcast an expose about the situation in Pakistan, that Johnson & Johnson took decisive action. To those undeveloped countries, Is this their fault for lower economic? Is this their fault for not having advanced medical technology and the only way is asking for help from developed countries? Is this their fault that drug supervision and management are not professional? As businessmen, they should be pursued to maximize the benefits. However, in the pursuit of the interests at the same time, should you give up the most basic human ethics? Where is the bottom line of ethic and moral of these companies? As businessmen, they should first be a person. As a person, they use their products to hurt another person, as if you invented a killer and kill others for you. Is it not a murder? The laws of a country can only control the events of their own country. There no right to interfere in the foreign things. Shouldn't this situation be improved? Since the laws of a country cannot be the role of these events. How about the International law? Why can't each country to improve the problems together, to talk about the international legal modifications? However, it useless I think. Economically
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