Legal, Ethical Issues in the Work Environment

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Legal, Ethical Issues in the Work Environment: Employee Health and Safety Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Title Date Introduction In this paper ethical issue or situation, which will be discussed in regard to current, previous, or potential future work environment is "Employee Health & Safety", which in present had been the essential issue of government of every nation. In current unstable culture employers, unions, employees as well as government agencies interest in the health along with the safety associated problems has been enhancing because of enhancing number of the work associated injuries, illnesses along with deaths. In regard to National Safety Council, every workday the fatality happens every 2 hours…show more content…
Concentration on both of these approaches is essential for making an organizational approach toward safety, effective. A lot of organizational and individual issues come out in the management of employee health and safety, which are as follows and need to be managed ethically otherwise it can direct an organization towards various legal issues: Physical Work Settings The physical settings of a severally affect the performance of employees as some of the factors include temperature, noise levels, lighting, size of work area and kinds of materials used that make an effect on employees working with these factors. It is believed that each and every organization should take care of physical work settings in which its employees work as otherwise it can lead to number of ethical and legal issues. Sick Building Syndrome It is a position in which employees go through acute health troubles and uneasiness due to the time spent in its workplace. Some factors that can guide to sick buildings admit poor air quality, inadequate ventilation, inappropriate cleanliness, stench of stuffs and glues, etc. Ergonomics The term falls from the Greek word ergon, which intends work, and omits stands for "management of." Ergonomics is the analyses of physiological, psychological and
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