Legal Ethics ( Lgls445 )

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Legal Ethics (LGLS445)
Krish Kothari

Edward Snowden Case It is with no doubt that the issue surrounding whether or not Edward Snowden is a traitor or a patriot raises a heated debate. His whistleblowing afforded him both foes and friends with opponents of his action blaming him by labeling him a traitor, as he went against the employment contract when he spied on his employer and aired the dirty linen of the company in the public. That is open to debate whether there is any justification for the employees to keep to themselves any information that they find questionable about the activities of the employer. On the contrary, the proponents of Snowden’s actions are adamant, in that it was a bold
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Well, according to Miceli, Nearand and Dworkin (2008), whistleblowing is an act of revealing wrongdoings in an organization by the former or current employees of the very organization. As such, a whistleblower is an individual who reveals wrongdoings within an organization to the public or the senior management. The key characteristics of a whistleblower include, but are not limited to, dissent, accusation, breach of loyalty, altruism, sportsmanship courtesy, conscientiousness and civic culture (Miceli, Near & Dworkin, 2008). A whistleblower is considered altruistic in the sense that he or she is concerned with the welfare of others, that is, work or the public. The whistleblower sacrifices his job or reputation for the sake of the public to benefit, by revealing the wrongdoings that are being encouraged or witnessed in an organization (Miceli, Near & Dworkin, 2008). The second feature; sportsmanship implies that the whistleblower is playing by the rules of ethics and corporate governance in a polite and courteous manner. The person shows a positive attitude by not being compromised to receive a favor in order to go away with wrongdoings in governance. It is a show of good manners on the part of the whistleblower by siding or respecting the public who will be most affected as a result of the wrongdoings (Miceli, Near & Dworkin, 2008). Another essential feature of a whistleblower is conscientiousness. The person revealing
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