Legal Ethics, Patients ' Rights, And Hiv / Aids

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Legal Ethics, Patients’ Rights, and HIV/AIDS The health care administrator at the USA Community Hospital has an obligation to ensure that the staff consistently operates in an ethical manner. The manager is responsible for analyzing compliance data regarding the ethical conduct of the staff. Occasionally there are complaints from patients with HIV/AIDS who states that at times the health care professionals conduct themselves in an unethical manner and deny them treatment without cause. This type of behavior is unacceptable; a thorough analysis will be done to verify the patient 's concerns and the administrator will get clarification from the team of why they refused service. The aim of the hospital is to provide adequate care for…show more content…
Unfortunately, this occurs with medical professionals who are professionally trained to handle this and all other cases of a communicable disease in a competent manner. A new plan will be implemented to prevent this from occurring in the future. The New Strategy A new procedure is in place; the first approach is to revamp the policies, procedures, the patient 's right to medical treatment and ensuring that staff comprehends the new procedures and the penalty for not adhering to the policies. Next, patients who feel they are not receiving adequate care or denied care now have the option to report it to the medical director immediately. The director is then to assess the matter remedy the issue no one is to leave the hospital without care due to refusal from the staff. Any team member who is found guilty of refusing treatment will receive appropriate disciplinary actions, and the violation will be reported the human resource manager then becoming a permanent component of his or her disciplinary record. Staffing Levels The staff at USA Community Hospital encompasses a variety of knowledge and skill set. In a health care setting, it doesn’t matter one’s background or level of education the goal remains the same which is to provide the patient with a high degree of respect. According to Jones (2015), Competent healthcare professionals will show respect to their patients, with the sense of
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