Legal Form Of Ownership : Sundae Magic, Llc Essay

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B2. Legal Form of Ownership:
Sundae Magic, LLC, will be classified as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) due to the personal asset protection and federal taxing procedure this designation provides to its managing members. We will chose to be taxed as a disregarded entity during the start-up phase and will reevaluate this option, considering a corporate tax status, after the business has completed two years of operations. The managing members will consist of myself, Luz Kanwar with a 60% interest in the business, and my business partner Philip Walker with a 40% interest in the business; financial distributions will correlate to percentage of ownership.

B3. Location and Facilities:
It is important that the location of Sundae Magic, LLC be in an area that has a high volume of foot traffic in order to establish a greater capability for brand prominence. We are currently scouting locations within malls, strip-malls, and locations near popular tourists’ attractions. This will ensure a high volume of customer visibility without increasing our marketing expense.
The facilities must be a minimum of 2000 square feet with the capacity to house our store-front space, for customer use; inventory warehouse, for housing our supply stock; and preparation space, for refilling and servicing our dispensers and preparing our offered toppings for consumption. The facilities must also include customer restroom facilities, back office plumbing for a washing station, and proper electrical

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