Legal Framework for Managers

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ASSIGNMENT – LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR MANAGERS TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Question 1 and Answers Page 2 2. Question 2 and Answers Page 2 3. Question 3 and Answers Page 4 4. Question 4 and Answers Page 6 5. Question 5 and Answers Page 7 6. Question 6 and Answers Page 12 1. QUESTION 1 State any rights in which the Employment Act 1955 gives exclusive protection to female employees. 1.1. ANSWER 1 As stipulated in Employment Act 1955: a) Under Section 34(1), employers are not permitted to employ women to carry out industrial and agricultural work between 10.00pm to 5.00am without exemption from the Director General of Labour Department; and b) Under Section 35, no female employee shall be employed in any underground…show more content…
5. QUESTION 5 In what ways may an agency be created? When the agent would lose his right of remuneration? 5.1. ANSWERS 5 1. Creation of agency according to Contracts Act 1950 a) Definition of Agency: the relationship which subsists between a principal and an agent, where the agent has been authorised to act for the principal or represent him in dealing with others. b) Definition of a principal: a person who authorises the agent to act on behalf of him. c) Definition of an agent is a person who is employed by the principal to do certain act for him or to represent him in dealings with third party (Section 135 of the Contracts Act 1950) d) According to Contracts Act 1950, creation of an agency is created by the agreement of both the principal and the agent. No specific formality in order to form a contract of agency. Consideration is not necessary in order to form a contract of agency (Section 138 of the Contracts Act 1950) e) Creation of agency may be made by: i. By express appointment The agent is appointed either orally or in writing (Section 140 of the Contracts Act 1950) ii. By
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