Legal Implications Of Medical Malpractice

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Legal ramifications can also be an outcome of medical errors that can occur due to healthcare workers working long shifts and being fatigued. Medical malpractice claims have been increasing and the reason cited in the claims were “medical errors that was precipitated by physician and nurse fatigue (MEDSURG Nursing, 2005). Additional studies suggest that a medical provider that averaged 5 hours or less of sleep are more likely to have a serious medical error that could result in he or she being named in a malpractice claim (Owens, 2007). Malpractice claims could potentially put a financial burden on healthcare organizations which could result in poor patient satisfaction scores. According to Press Ganey, a leader in interrupting patient satisfaction scores for over 10,000 healthcare organizations, “improving patient satisfaction scores helps to achieve long-term success” (Press Ganey, 2015). Malpractice is just one factor that can decrease patient satisfaction. Nurses and advanced practitioners are susceptible to legal ramifications as well. They could lose their licenses as a result of working long shifts and suffering sleep deprivation. Nursing fatigue costs the United States billions of dollars each year (Reed, 2013). Organizations need to be proactive when it comes to tracking nurse working hours but it is also the responsibility of the nurse to be mindful of the hours they work and that they are getting an appropriate amount of sleep. The National Heart,

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