Legal Influence Of Autonomous Vehicles

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Legal Influence The influx of legislation can be linked back to the success of the first initiative relating to autonomous vehicles, and it is likely that autonomous vehicle legislation will continue to be introduced at the state level throughout the country.Google Inc. has approached several major car insurance underwriters to gauge the coverage implications of its driverless car technology available to the commercial market. (Matt &, 2012). Perhaps the biggest obstacle facing self-driving cars is, not surprisingly, the lawyers. The good news is that this technology should dramatically reduce the 30,000-plus annual fatalities on the nation 's highways (Walker 2012).About four years ago, when Google team was trying to develop cars…show more content…
The uncertainty that surrounds the answers will affect the speed and price at which these new technologies are introduced. Legality, liability and insurance are the key issues. Legality and liability will be different between countries and will influence how self-driving technology appears in the market. Right now the answers are far from clear. Product liability laws For product liability of the autonomous cars, a more workable approach involves placing liability on manufacturers for any unforeseen failures of the autonomous technology, while placing liability on “operators” for malfunctions that the operator is aware of due to the vehicle warning them that a failure may occur or that the vehicle needs to be checked. This approach is generally consistent with the current products liability regime regarding automobiles. In a scenario where an autonomous car is on autopilot and it is difficult to sue the driver/owner, then it may become a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the vehicle or a device that 's operating the vehicle. James Wliittle, assistant general counsel and chief claims counsel for the American Insurance Association asserts that, "We can foresee future legal changes or different facets of this. Product liability law is alive and well in the United States and has been for some time." According to a scenario in a recent Cèlent report, the full
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