Legal Influences on the State Board of Education

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Describe the powers and authority of the state board of education and local school boards and what responsibilities they have for the administration and operation of schools. The state board of education governs the way that education is directed within the state. They create policies covering a variety of legal issues such as health and safety, minimum requirements for teacher licensure, graduation requirements, rights of students with disabilities, and student disciplinary practices. The state school boards has six legal powers including, certification standards for teachers and administrators, high school graduation requirements, state testing programs, accreditation standards for school districts, and teacher and administrator…show more content…
Therefore, establishing local and state control over education policies, and confining the federal government to an indirect role because of its power to spend for the general will. Next, is the 14th amendment, which protects due process and equal protection; therefore safeguarding race, ethnicity, national origin and sex, against discrimination within schools’. Then the 1st amendment, which preserves freedom of religion, speech and assembly; which allows students and teachers, the right to freely express themselves, and ensure that there is no prejudice against individuals because of these free expressions. Subsequently, there are the 4th and 8th amendments, which protect against illegal search and seizure and cruel and unusual punishment; guarantees that students are protected against invasive and unnecessary searches, and cannot be punished through corporal punishment without due process. With regards to classroom rules, teachers have a duty to protect students’ constitutional rights and ensure that they are designing rules and procedures that do not restrict or deny students these rights. As agents of the state, teachers have a duty to follow all federal, state, and local laws while exercising their duties as educators. However, teachers can design classroom rules that ensure that there is no disruption of school operations, or interference with the rights of other students, and safeguards against behavior that is in a lewd fashion
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