Legal Issues And Sub Issues Of The Case

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IDENTIFY LEGAL ISSUES AND SUB ISSUES OF THE CASE In this case we have a Texas Customer vs. Widget Corporation and the president of Widget Corporation. Here is a background of the case, Widget Corporation is incorporated in Delaware, but is located in California. This company sells widgets, and also installs them, when sold in California. They received an order for widgets from a customer in Texas. Being that Widget Corp. is only located in California; they subcontracted, Lyle, who is a handyman in California to install the widgets for the Texas customer. The widgets were presented to the Texas customer, by Lyle, and he accepted the shipment. The customer, then allowed, Lyle, to proceed with the installation. Lyle, was doing a…show more content…
Law is something that is not only important for individuals, but for entities as well. Further, at times it may seem as if there are more stringent laws for entities, as they directly affect individuals. This is something positive to have in place as law can serve to keep the peace and preserve individual rights. Unfortunately, at times many people will try and have taken advantage of some businesses, because they can, and not necessarily because they suffered a consequence that affected them. We must also describe procedural law and substantive law as these play a role in understanding this case. Procedural law is “a set of rules governing how all aspects of a court case are conducted”. Substantive law is “the area which concerns with the definitions of rights and responsibilities”. Substantive law also adds meaning. Both of these laws go hand in hand, and as learned in this course, many states also adopt these in many of their statues. Let’s begin with Widget being a Corporation and what protection it provides to its officers. “The owners, or shareholders, of a corporation are not liable for the debts and obligations of a corporation”. This means that, as normal rule, creditors of a corporation cannot hold the shareholders responsible for the debts of the corporation. While the general
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