Legal Issues - Gentura Essay

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CadMex Pharmaceutical Memorandum
To: Mr. Jack Brandt, CEO; Kera Sawyer, International Legal Counsel
From: Dan, Vice President of International Business Development
Date: March 9, 20XX
Subject: Current Gentura Status
I would like to take this opportunity to bring everyone up to date on the status of our relationship with Gentura. We have been working in partnership with Gentura a biotechnology company based in Candore since 2007. Candore, a small developing island country in South East Asia, has been under the dictatorship of President Gwendoz since 2004. President Gwendoz, encourages foreign investments into Camdore however, these investments come with some risk. All Camdore international business transactions are subject to the
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legal Issues

Health authorities estimate that 1% of Candor’s population would be infected by the viral outbreak in March of 2012. Gentura was under pressure by the new government to subsidize the price of ViroBlax. The subsidization of ViroBlax would be a breech of contract with CadMex. Furthermore, Gentura is the only licensed manufacture of ViroBlax in Candore. Acting as the Vice President in charge of International Business Development, I directed our legal counsel to take no legal action, but claim compensation from Gentura. I based my decision from the fact that legal actions against Gentura would weaken the partnership between CadMex and Gentura, and could take a great deal of time to arbitrate with nonbinding results. The alternative of asking Gentura for shared marketing rights for another drug was considered, however through conversations with Gentura’s CEO Vail Saman, and our legal counsel of Kera Sawyer I decided that this option was not in our best interest to peruse.

Unfortunately, in April of 2012, the Candore health authority increased the percentage of people infected with the viral outbreak from 1% to 3%. Gentura is unable to meet the demand for ViroBlax due to the increased percentage of people infected with the unidentified viral outbreak. The Candorean government has suspended the CadMex’s patent on ViroBlax, due to the national health emergency. In addition, the Candorean government has decided to provide compulsory licenses for domestic
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