Legal Issues In Reduction Of Workforce Essay

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Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce Introduction: Fast serve; Incorporated is a $25 million company whose main product is direct marketing of branded sports apparel. They have recently decided to end their online retail outlet. Because of this draw down, they must also reduce their workforce. For this simulation, they must decide to layoff 3 employees out of the 5 employees in the simulation. Beside work productivity, reliability, skill sets, educational background and their employment status, Fast Serve Inc. must also make their decision based on current employment laws. (University of Phoenix, 2008) Candidates for Dismissal Key Concepts of Employment Law that would affect employment status. Nora Manson Nora Manson: The…show more content…
A quarter of the states and numerous cities do forbid discrimination based on sexual orientation, and Congress could amend Title VII to protect employees from such discrimination. Already, thousands of companies have begun offering domestic partner benefits to all employees without regard to sexual orientation (Reed, Sheed, Morehead, Corley, 2004). In light of the development with his coworker, along with his exceptional performance and skill set I believe that Carl still can be used by Fast Serve in some capacity. Jenny Mills Jenny Mills: has an average overall performance record. She is a contract employee whose skills are non-critical to Fast Serve. She is also pregnant. Her pregnancy is causing her health problems, which require that she take frequent breaks, more than the company usually allows. Jenny’s frequent breaks are causing conflict with the male employees in her department (Legal Environment of Business).The Pregnancy Discrimination Act amended the Civil Rights Act in 1978. Under it, employers can no longer discriminate against women workers who become pregnant or give birth. It also states that an employer cannot force a pregnant woman to stop working until her baby is born, provided she is still capable of performing her duties properly (Reed et al). The
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