Legal Issues Of Information Security

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Legal issues in Information Security Abstract: Legal issues in Information Security mainly deals with the law and security for the sensitive data. According to the law, the sensitive information have to be protected from fraud in the current global market place. Many security mechanisms and legal compliance are very important and required to protect the organizations and individual information. Using data intrusion techniques, the sensitive data can be shared and used for illegal activities. Hence organizations provide protection mechanisms and security to the data. Within the enterprise, as computers have become more important for an individual or employee to depend. As the information technology use increased, the expectations on…show more content…
A majority of information security attacks usually come from the employee error. Enterprises implement some security controls to comply with legislation. Organizations should be careful with the privacy of the employees and shouldn 't create any legal problem about the expectations of the privacy protecting the Freedom of speech. [3]- Private organizations which share the information should be aware of the civil liability and also sharing proprietary or confidential business information are misused by the competitors for unauthorized purposes to steal the data. There is more need to protect the information and would need federal and state governments involvement in sorting out the legal issues related to information technology in which sharing of the information have many cyber attacks. With the rise in the Information Technology, data security and privacy have risen to important position of legal developments that are affecting the business in the global market. There are many instances where employees or individuals violated the laws of information security unknowingly or knowingly. The increase in IT, leads to enterprise development and also concerns regarding the security of information also increased. With the increase of Personal Digital Assistants and smart phones, there are more chances that the company information would be misused. One should understand
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