Legal Issues Over The Legal System

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The career that I chose to focus on was legal area as far as becoming an attorney that practices family and criminal court. I chose this area of study because I have become interested in legal issues over the past few years that lead me to the decision to practice law. Upon deciding what I wanted to do with my career, I then decided that I want to first start out as a lawyer and then progress to becoming a judge where I plan on retiring from. I decided I would rather practice criminal law and family law as a prosecutor rather than becoming a defense attorney. I don’t feel that my arguments are strong enough to be a defense attorney and do plan on working on those skills for improvement. However I am a firm believe that justice served is the main reason individuals lean to the legal system for help. During my research for my chosen career I found an article that allowed me to look deeper into the legal system. The article focuses on the importance of the local common law in resolving various related disputes (Decker, 2014). Topics discussed include relationship between the local common law with the customs, social norms and local legal culture, role of the local courts of the U.S. in the construction, implementation and enforcement of the common law and relationship between the common law and access to justice (Decker, 2014). It further discusses the importance of the legal scholarship in construction of the common law (Decker, 2014). After reading this article it basically
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