Legal Issues That A High School May Face

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I interviewed the High School Vice Principal. The subject of the interview was to find five issues that provide our school with the most legal issues. I followed this inquiry by asking how our school attempts to minimize its legal exposure. He was more than generous with lending his time and knowledge. He began by suggesting that the first and most important legal issue that the school faces is centered on special education. He stressed that it is difficult to meet the needs of all special education students. With that being said, legally it is the school district’s responsibility to make sure these students are receiving the proper and most effective forms of education. Our school district has child study teams designated to elementary, middle, and high schools. Students are evaluated and re-evaluated on an annual basis. These evaluations are in place to properly determine a child’s disability(s) and educational needs. Students may be sent out of district if our school district is unable to meet a particular student’s needs. This becomes extremely costly to our school district. The second legal issue discussed was our students’ first amendment rights specifically in regards to social media. He discussed that there is a fine line to walk when trying to monitor student and school safety while still adhering to the first amendment rights of students. Cyber bullying has become a large issue and our school district lost one of its eighth graders to suicide due
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