Legal Issues in Health Care

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Legal Issues in Health Care This article is about the problems hospitals are facing due to antitrust law issued by the government and how it affects the hospital setting in providing healthcare service. It talks about the major laws that have problems in connection to the three different relations that exist in any hospital - Hospital Relations, Hospital-Physician Relations and Hospital-Payer Relations. This has both good and bad effects and depends on what the change is. It has been speculated that over 50 percent of these legislations end up in the court. During 1985 to 1999, it was reported that 61 percent of 394 reported cases all ended up in the court due to some incidents that happened in…show more content…
Service price hike is a real concern in today’s deteriorating economic condition. The other issue discussed here in this article is Hospital-Physician Relation. Physician is a connecting point between the hospital and the patients. The physician relation with those two ends sometime can be disruptive when hospital or healthcare center is unable to provide the service that the physician/medical staff/hospital promises, making the hospital look bad and unprofessional. In light of this, people tend to seek some other alternatives for the service given the pain and turmoil they have to undergo due to the unprofessionalism while receiving the healthcare service. The next important issue is the Hospital-Payer Relation. This is important factor as these people not only help getting a quality service at better price by but also help in numerous different ways. They try their best to make things easier for everyone, like bargaining prices on different healthcare services provided by the hospital as well as advocating for the quality service. They also barge for medicines that are required for the hospital to help providing healthcare services to people. They generally work for the betterment of healthcare service takers negotiating with the healthcare providers. Though these laws are biased at times, they have both good and bad affects to the healthcare providers as well as the takers. It depends on how we look at things. It is always good to
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