Legal Issues in Health Care

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Introduction Health care is a basic human right, and from an ethical standpoint the system in the United States is the most unjust and unequal in the Western world and paradoxically the most expensive as well. In contract, the conservative ideology of ethical egoism simply hold that all individuals have no moral duty except to act in their own self-interest, and therefore health care is a personal responsibility rather than that of the larger society. This is the type of mentality that denies universal coverage or, at best, forces individuals to buy private health insurance and allows the insurance industry to deny policies to those with preexisting conditions. Obama Care was designed to correct some of the worst of these abuses, but it still left the private health insurance industry in control of the system, without even a public option to compete with the private companies much less Medicare for all. Of course, this is often a cover for social control by the wealthy and powerful corporate interests, which is certainly the case with politics, society and the health care system in America. Even worse, the injustice of the system is borne most heavily by the poor, working class, and members of minority groups who lack health care coverage at work and cannot afford private insurance. Medicare for All: The Truly Ethical and Democratic System North of the border, Canada has a far better model for health care and one that most U.S. reformers have demanded since the
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