Legal Issues in Jerry Maguire Film

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Legal Issues in Jerry Maguire Film Facts: Jerry Maguire has a moral epiphany and is fired by his co-worker Bob Sugar from SMI for expressing his opinions. Upon returning to the office Jerry tries to retain his clients, but is beat to the punch by Bob Sugar, who takes all of his clients including Kathy Sanders and John Swenson. Jerry loses all seventy-two of his clients but one, Rod Tidwell. Issue 1: Could the defendant (Bob Sugar) be charged with breach of contract and unfair competition for soliciting the plaintiffs (Jerry Maguire) clients? Rule: Jerry Maguire claims that Bob Sugar intentionally interfered with the contract between him and SMI. To establish this claim, Jerry Maguire must prove all of the following: That the elements which a plaintiff must plead to state the cause of action for intentional interference with contractual relations are (1) a valid contract between plaintiff and a third party; (2) defendant’s knowledge of this contract (3) defendant’s intentional acts designed to induce a breach of disruption of the contractual relationship; (4) actual breach or disruption of the contractual relationship; and (5) resulting damage. Citing Bauer vs. Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc., 255 F. Supp. 2d 1086 (N.D. Cal. 2003) Additionally, in a similar case, Steinberg Moorad & Dunn Inc vs. Dunn and Athletes First 136 Fed. Appx. 6; 2005 U.S. App. LEXIS 5162, Leigh Steinberg sued his former co-worker David Dunn, alleging that Dunn breached a

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