Legal Jurisdiction: Case of the Injured Elle

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Case of the Injured Elle Facts: Elle is walking to work along a sidewalk next to a road. A truck owned by Fast Distribution Company (FDC) strikes and injures Elle, causing her injuries that result in more than $250,000 in medical expenses. Elle is a resident of Georgia, where the accident occurred. FDC has its principal place of business, and is incorporated, in Delaware. Issues: In what courts may Elle sue FDC? (What courts would have jurisdiction over this lawsuit)? Reasoning: Determining jurisdiction is critical because jurisdiction not only allows the party to know whether that court is entitled to adjudicate a dispute, but it can also help determine which laws are applicable, which can make a difference in a party's recovery. For example, Georgia and Delaware might have different laws regarding damages so that Elle may have an advantage in one court as compared to another court. In order for a court to be able to exercise jurisdiction, the court must have some connection to either the parties or to the event in question. Therefore, the possibilities for jurisdiction include: the district court for the state of Georgia, the district court for the state of Delaware, or one of the state courts for either Georgia or Delaware. In order for federal jurisdiction to apply, the circumstances of the case must meet the requirements for diversity jurisdiction. Diversity jurisdiction refers to that federal court jurisdiction involved when the parties involved are from two

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