Legal Justice And Its Drawbacks? Essay

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Legal justice and its drawbacks? The Merriam-Webster dictionary’s simple definition of justice is ‘1. The process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals. 2. A judge in a court of law’ (Merriam-Webster). This definition focuses solely on legal justice which is the common definition of justice. However, this definition leaves out social, moral/ethical, and vigilante justice. These subsections of justice are important as they relate to justice in an individual rather than in a legal system. I think that these definitions of justice need to be included to fully explain the concept of justice. However, it is hard to define a concept due to the wide variety of definitions different people have. An individual’s definition of justice can be completely different to another person’s as everyone has different values and morals depending on how they were brought up. An individual’s environment growing up can influence how they see justice. Differences in opinion can be due to religion, family, or the country an individual lives in. An example is that ‘[p]ublic displays of affection—kissing, hugging, holding hands’ is illegal in the United Arab Emirates whereas it is not in the United States (Middleton). The most important subsection of justice is the legal side of justice because this helps contribute to people living peacefully together. However, legal justice contains many faults which cause injustice to prevail whilst justice is not fulfilled.
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