Legal Landscape Of Air Charter Transportation

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The air transportation services in India are controlled by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (hereinafter “DGCA”), operating under the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MCA). According to Rule 134 of the Aircraft Rules, 1937, the DGCA is empowered to grant permission to individuals to operate an air transport service to, within and from India. The rules promulgated by DGCA for issuance of permits for air transport services are ensconced within Non-Scheduled Air Transport Services (Charter Operation) (Civil Aviation Requirements Section 3 Series 'C ' Part V). In order to procure this license, the airlines have s to fulfill certain requirements pertaining to minimum airworthiness and operational and procedural requirements. The license issued by DGCA is equivalent to the Air Operator 's Certificate (AOC) required to be granted by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in accordance with the provisions stated in Annex 6 of the rules.

The DGCA is responsible for the safety regulation of civil aviation and is recognized in the Aircraft Act, 1934 and the Aircraft Rules, 1937 as the relevant regulatory authority. Section 4A of the Aircraft Act, 1934 empowers the director general or any other officer specially empowered to perform safety oversight functions in respect of matters specified in the Act or the rules. The director general also has special powers pursuant to section 5A of the Act to issue directions.…
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